Avana Capital, American YiYo Regional Center's parent company, is a national private comme rcial real estate lending institution . Avana Capital employs investors’ and institutional funds into a variety of fixed income funds. With these funds, Avana Capital provides timely funding in real estate transactions, and growth and development for smal l and medium size enterprises through SBA (U.S. Small Business Development Council) and the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) secured financing programs. Both ends of the spectrum benefit from Avana Capital’s business model. It provides investors wit h a stable stream of income on one hand, while on the other hand, it provides loans for the country’s emerging enterprises. These are the small and medium sized companies that constitute the cornerstone of the U.S. economy. In essence, Avana Capital help s small and medium size enterprises create jobs, continue to innovate and achieve sustainable growth.
Avana Capital, under the former name of Crosspoint Capital, was founded in 2002. In 2005, Crosspoint Capital formed the Loans Production Office (LPO) fo r Southwest Capital Bank (SWCB), formerly known as Bank of Las Vegas (located in Las Vegas, New Mexico). It was the exclusive arm of SWCB handling commercial loans. Since 2005, Crosspoint Capital LPO has completed more than $500 million in real estate tr ansactions under the SBA7 (a) B, SBA504 and USDA B & I programs.
And since 2005, when Crosspoint Capital officially launched fixed -income funds, and its commercial lending business, it has accomplished a nu mber of impressive achievements, including:
annu al average rate of business growth of 20%;
bad loans ratio of less than 0.01% (5.5% is market average);
ranked by SBA as SBA 504 best top ten lenders
In 2010, Crosspoint Capital changed its name to Avana Capital. The name "Avana" is derived from Sanskr it, meaning "protector." The Avana team believes that their duty is to protect small and medium real estate, and help entrepreneurs to stay afloat and protect their wealth. The Avana team follow s these simple principles, as a private commercial real estate lending institution, and their primary goal is to manage risk .
Avana Capital managing partners and co -founders, the brothers, Sundip Patel’s and Sanat Patel’s loan program philosophy is “qualit y over quantity”. They focus on their area of expertise, such as the hotel industry, restaurant industry, long -term care centers, dentists and general medical clinics. For borrowers, they have strict audit standards, in addition to the financial situation, they take into account the personal abilities, experience, and even personality traits for which other commercial banks neglect this important factor.
American YiYo Regional Center abides to all these principles carried by our parent company, Avana Cap ital. We, at American YiYo Regional Center, believe that it is our duty to protect our investors’ funds and manage risk prudently.

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