Georgia is the 9th most populous state in the United States, and it is the second fastest growing state, ranking second only to Texas. The metropolitan areas of its three largest cities, Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus, are home to about six million people of the state’s total population of ten million.

The cities we have selected for EB5 projects are thriving. Each city expects a population increase over the next decade. All are home to major universities or military bases, creating new demand in the hospitality industry. Our strategically-placed businesses in these demand-heavy, under-capitalized areas represent investments that will grow in value. McDonough, Georgia, which currently has a population of about 30,000 people, has seen rapid growth over the past decade. The city’s population increase since 2000 is 134.6% as a result of the thriving industries in McDonough.

Warner Robins, Georgia is a city in Central Georgia whose population has grown by 36.4% in the past decade. Warner Robins is home to Georgia College and State University, Georgia Military College, Mercer University, and Macon State College. With so many higher education institutions, the town attracts a large number of visiting family members, professors, and prospective students.

Lithonia, Georgia, located just 20 minutes from Atlanta, is home to Luther Rice University and Strayer University. In the past decade, the population of Lithonia, Georgia has grown by 9.4%. This city is home to nearly 300,000 people and is located near Fort Benning, one of the largest United States Army bases. In the upcoming years, Fort Benning is expected to increase the number of soldiers trained by 30,000 each year due to Base Realignment. This increase amounts to a 25% population growth on base, and, as Fort Benning is the largest employer in Columbus, this is expected to cause a significant population increase in Columbus over the next ten years.

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