The FAQs presented here are intended for informational purposes only. They are not intended to be a substitute for adequate legal or financial counsel. Please consult a qualified financial expert and/or attorney before selecting any EB-5 project. For more details about our EB-5 projects, please sign up as an eligible member to review our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
1. Where is the proposed commercial real estate project located?
American YiYo Regional Center has selected several EB-5 qualifying locations within the State of Georgia that meet all of our selection criteria for safe, prudent projects. You can learn more about our projects or our locations here on our website.
2. What are the potential risks associated with project?
While the USCIS has made it very clear that the invested funds must be “at risk”, and there is no way to guarantee that the project will not lose money, YiYo has over fifteen years of experience in commercial real estate investment and we use strict credit criteria in selecting projects. To further limit risks associated with the project, Global Hotel Group will oversee the daily operations at each business, ensuring that customers have an ideal experience at each of these establishments. To learn more about our project selection criteria, see our About Us page.
3. What is the minimum funding required?
The EB-5 requires a minimum funding of $500,000 plus administrative fees. Other fees include attorney fees (at your choice), USCIS application fees, etc…
4. Do I have to invest the full $500,000 all at once?
Yes, the money is transferred to an escrow account while the paperwork for your green card is processed. After your paperwork is approved, the money is transferred to our capital holding partners and invested in our projects.
5. Am I guaranteed a green card?
While we cannot guarantee that your paperwork will be approved and your green card will be issued, we at YiYo have selected projects using strict selecting criteria. Please refer to our selection criteria to find out how we work professionally and carefully in finding our project partners. If the process fails at any point, the escrow funds will be returned to the EB5 applicant, including fees and any interest income that accrued while the funds were in escrow.
6. Will legal counsel be provided for me?
The EB5 applicant has the option to use their own immigration counsel or use one of our recommended attorneys. YiYo’s in-house counsel performs a final review to assess the accuracy of the documentation provided before submitting to USCIS.
7. What paperwork is required?
You can see a full list of the required paperwork on our Application Process page.
8. Why is YiYo Regional Center a better choice than other Regional Centers?
YiYo’s selection of projects offers an extremely prudent project managed by our capable, experienced, and expert partners. You can learn more about YiYo on our About Us page .
9. When can the EB5 applicant exit the project?
Since YiYo’s projects are loan based versus equity based, the Limited Partners will not have to sell their interests to exit the partnership. We believe this structure provides a greater assurance when determining the point at which the limited partners will be able to exit the project. For more details, please contact YiYo for specific details concerning the project vehicles and strategies.
10. Are there any regulations on where the money comes from that I invest?
Any legally-obtained income can be used to fund the project, including gifts, business income, or inheritance. The receipt source must be clearly documented in accordance with government documentation requirements. Your attorney should be able to provide the best advice on this.
11. After my funds have been transferred to escrow and I am waiting for my I-526 Petition, how can I be sure my funds are safe?
Funds awaiting disbursement in an escrow account can not be accessed by either the Partnership or the project. The EB-5 funds are only released if the provisions in the escrow agreement are met. The terms of the escrow specifically state that the I-526 petition must be approved, or both parties sign off on disbursement. Neither the escrow nor YiYo RC have control of the EB-5 funds until the I-526 is approved.

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